Payment & Delivery Information

After sending order, press Confirm order. You will received confirmation email from our order processing system. We will process your order in the shortest time possible along with your requirements. We will send you e-mail with final order and total price including shipping.


Via bank transfer or for our foreign customers we are accepting payments via bank transfer or PayPal (if you choose to pay with PayPal, let us know in the order's description, we will then provide you with our PayPal details). The order is NOT considered valid until the entire amount is credited to our account and after we agreed all the details of fabrication.


Time of making for all our products depends highly on our current demand and workshop load. Starting from day, when we receive payment and when we agreed all the details of fabrication.


For every order, the shipping is charged. The amount of shipping depends on the size and weight of the order, the payment method and the country of destination.
We send the shipments via Czech post, DHL or other suitable carrier.

The exact amount of shipping is calculated separately, we always try to send goods as cheaply as possible. We will let you know the exact amount of the shipping via email with the final order. All orders are sent complete(if you don't chose otherwise), after making all items from your order.

By default, all our packages are send as insured parcel against lost, if you don't choose otherwise.

You can track your shipment under this LINK (if you need the tracking number of the shipment, please, contact us)


We protect your privacy.

All our shipments are dispatched in paper boxes by carrier service. On the package shows only your address as the recipient and the sender's address as physical persons(store owner), plus stickers of carrier with mandatory data. The package itself do not specified what the content of the package is, or the site name. All shipments are packed by hand and we make sure that everything is securely wrapped so the package arrives safely to you.